The Selaron stairscase is  located in the heart of  Lapa and  Santa Teresa  neigborhood , with 250 stairs measuring  250 meters long this became a tourist  place in Rio and is  known all over the world ,  Jorge Selaron a Chilean born  artist that lived  in more than 50 countries and decided  to come to Brazil in 1990 he  started   to work in this  staircaise  that was almost abandoned and beggin to create a nice colorful design and has painted more than 300 tiles
In his work he decided to collect several tiles from all over the world people who visit this place send  the tiles from their countries and he has now 20.000 tiles from 60  countries
he consider his work never complete and will be finish only in the day of his death he `says ` first this tiles were scavenged from various construction sites and piles of urban waste found on the Rio streets. Today however, most of the tiles are donated by visitors
he paints pregnant  African woman and he  doesn’t comment on this except to say that it is a “Personal problem from his  past” , he has  invented a fantastic unique technique which consists of constantly changing the tiles, he sayd that  this gives him  a unique energy, and makes it a living, mutating work of art  he just love what he does .

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