in one of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Rio with a length  of 24 kms on a summer day I
went with my family my  mother, sisters and niece to have lunch at one of the kiosks located on the beach front .

I was invited by my older sister last  weekend on a sunny day and  we hvae  decided to enjoy the beach and the sun we also had one of our favorite dishes of seafood .

Yummy !!!!!  l´that was delicious ! finally comes our plate of grilled seafood simply lovely, a delight! we were all satisfied with the dish and ate so much , lol .

this adorable  lady is my mom she has  eighty-one years old she still looks beaufiful  and she is always positive about life, she accompanies us in all events that we go , she is  a lady beyond  her time she has always a kind word  for her  daughters, love you mom!

my niece loves photography like me and she was searching for the best  angles to take pcitures of the beach  and of her aunts and grandmother , wonderful pictures, thank you darling  , I love you!



when you visit Rio probrably I will take you to a open flea market that happens every first saturday of the month in downtown Rio you will see there  an antique fair at Lavradio street this open flea Market is part of my tours when you are there you feel that you returned to the past because they sell a bit of everything

in Brazil we have a lot of the African influence on the art of carving so there you will find animals in wood similar to the ones you find in Africa

while you walk through the Lavradio street you see old buildings dated from the XIX centtury most of them are being restored by the city council

when you are there  it´s interesting to stop at one of many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the  snacks and listen to and authentic brazilian samba music

this flea market is near the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro that was inaugurated in 1976 after 12 years of construction  you cannot miss a visit to this church it´s dedicated to San Sebastian the patron of the city and consists of an enormous cone, complete with four beautiful stained-glass windows the cathedral interior is spacious, with enough room to fit over 20,000 people inside, and is home to many paintings, sculptures and murals which were completed by local artists .