As a tour guide my profession makes me  travel and I love it !  this time I  visited  the beautiful city of Recife ¨ the Venice of Brazil " I saw there  many  bridges, Islands and rivers that makes the city a place of lush natural beauty .

the contrast of nature and culture left by the dutch make this huge metropolitan area of the northeastern of  Brazil one of the most beautiful cities to be visited  it has a year-round tropical climate and a pleasent wind blowing in front of the beaches .


Arte Museum in Rio

The Art Museum  promotes a transversal reading of the city´s history,  its symbolic life, conflicts, contradictions, challenges and expectations. this exhibition misture the historical and contemporary art through exhibitions of long and short term, nationwide and internationally. The museum also comes with the mission of placing art in public education through the school of look.

Museu de Arte do Rio - in front of the Port of Rio de Janeiro at Praça Mauá n.5 - centro
CEP 20081-240
Rio de Janeiro/RJ
(21) 2203 1235  opens from tuesday to sunday  10am to 5pm  


The SEA is installed in Praca Maua, in two buildings interconnected and heterogeneous profiles: the mansion Dom
João VI, tumbled and eclectic, and the neighboring building, modernist style - originally a bus. The Palace houses the exhibition halls of the museum.
The neighboring building houses the School of look, which is an environment for production and provocative experiences, collective and personal, with the main focus on the formation of educators from public schools.

As recommended by UNESCO, the SEA has activities that involves collecting, recording, research, preservation and return of cultural property to the community - in the form of exhibitions, catalogs and educational programs in multimedia with his own collection - now in process of formation through acquisitions and donations
 SEA also has loans of works by some of the finest public and private collections in Brazil for the execution of it´s program.
SEA, opened in March 2013, serves as a space proactive support to education and works in partnership with the Municipal Education of Rio de Janeiro and other departments of education.
The school Look develops an academic program, built in collaboration with universities  to discuss art, culture, image, education and curatorial practices.
The project is an initiative of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro and the Roberto Marinho Foundation, with Vale and Globo as sponsors and support of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Ministry of Culture through the Federal Law for the encouragement of Culture.



The stairs located in Lapa in front of Rua Joaquim Silva is one of the attractions that my  customers like to visit the artist has  twenty years of tiling and re-tiling each step into a never-ending mosaic of colours he  received  tiles from all over the world and he collected as many tiles on his travels around the world when he decided to live in Brazil and began renovating the steps in 1990 .

he also used to paint many pictures and displays them with the tongue out one of his characteristics

we could easily find him sitting on the stairs with so many of his creations

there you´ll see tiles from over 60 countries around the world there are 250 steps measuring 125 metres long which are covered in over 2000 tiles