this beautiful bridge you can see in botanical garden 

Imperial palms also in the botanical garden

 the waterway - botanical garden     

this is the tree that we call crybaby located in Itanhangá area

this beautiful scenary you see  inside of  the Itanahangá Golf course



yes , we do have nice sunsets in Rio no doubt , all the pictures shown on this blog are taken by me I just  love to take pictures and sometimes I capture nice ones , this photo was taken in Ipanema beach when I was leaving the beach to go back home on a nice sunny day .

the same beach Ipanema

This picture was taken in Praia da Reserva , it´s a paradise a wetland lagoon  where we  take the chalana ( a flat boat ) to go to the beach seems that this picture was painted  by hand

This is in Barra da Tijuca beach  

City Park in Niterói you can see the ramp where the pilots hangliding


Sunset in the Christ the Redeemer in Rio´s most visited attraction 


Barra da Tijuca west of the city

Niterói again picture taken from São Francisco beach

the sunset from the Arpoador Rocks in Ipanema 

Pedra de Guaratiba west of the city


Things to do in Rio

While in Rio you have so many options of things to do so I´ll help you a little bit with that
1. We have so many beautiful beaches beggining with Copacabana beach famous for many years and called the prince of the seas  


Mountains and Rocks of Rio

view of the mountains  when you visit City Park in Niterói City

this is the most amazing place it´s  Angra dos Reis near the big Island ( Ilha Grande ) the name this paradise is   blue lagoon where you can practise snorkeling and see colorful fishing passing nearby you and this is one of the Itineraries of the cruise ship when they visit the coast of Rio

this mountain is located at Lagoa Rodrigos de Freitas de big lagoon located near Ipanema neighboorhod

this is my favorite place the Sugar Loaf mountain with 600 million years of age proud and sovereign one of the most visited attractions in Rio located at Urca neighboorhod

this is the Island of the good trip ( Ilha da boa viagem ) you can see this Island when you visit the Museum of Art Contemporary at Niterói it´s a nice and quite area with a beautiful beach

the mountain you see behind  is part of  the Tijuca forest and the green area is the Itanhanga Golf course

the moutain you see in this picture it´s located in Buzios a fisherman city about 2 hours and a half away of Rio it´s another paradise and a very sofisticated area


another lille Island of Buzios beach town 

 Pepino beach at São Conrado neighboorhod a very nice beach

the Sugar Loaf mountain seen from the Fort of Santa Cruz

the beach is macumba beach protected by  this nice mountain

this is Ipanema beach and  mountains we see behing  are pedra da gávea and the other one located at Tijuca forest  

the rocks at Niemeyer and the neighboorhod of leblon

Guanabara bay with these wonderful mountains of Sugar Loaf and all the mountains of niteroi

this is the view of  an instructor when climbing  the Urca mountain

Marapendi lagoon with the mountains of Grota funda

the moutain is located at Joatinga with expensive houses that worth millions of dollars and belong to the artists , actors and  actress is like our Beverly hills in Rio

Leme mountain and behind you can see Copacabana beach

view of Jurujuba ( Niterói ) from the City Park ( Viração mountain )

Tijuca forest mountain and the houses in Gigóia´s Island

Mountain inside the historical city of Petropolis near Rio de Janeiro

Mountain at  Barra da Tijuca neigoborhood near the bridge

Corcovado mountain with the statue of Christ the Redeemer on top

this is a hill of Vidigal taken by the slums you can barely see the mountain only small houses made of brick and wood

hill near  São Conrado beach

mountains located in  Itacoatiara beach ( Niteroi city )

Arpoador Rocks in Ipanema beach






The Carnival season has begun in Rio de Janeiro ! 

the city mayor handed the key to King Momo the ceremony marked the beginning of the celebrations of tourists from all over Brazil and the world to listen to Brazilian music from samba originated from  african-Brazilians slaves    and see the beautiful mulata  girls dancing in the middle of the Avenue of the Sambadrome.

But Carnival is not just for Avenue there is also a street carnival that brings together millions of revelers who dance following the bands, revelers have fun wearing varied  costumes  these groups are entire families, young guys and girls , old, friends, everybody joined in 4 days of celebration

me and my friends have already entered the Carnival revelry yes because this not only  the best time for a tour guide to work as well as to enjoy the carnival with my  friends


the party starts even before the official date where we already have several weeks prior the whole city blocks in the Rio

I was in Santa Teresa with my friends last Saturday and we enjoyed a lot to see everybody dresses in funny clothes

                         I was in the middle of the crowdy with a Hawaiian fantasy

at the streets of Santa Teresa we  saw  many funny costumes like this boy dressed like a sunflower

          the funniest guy  was this one  taking a shower in the middle of the street

                                      and also had this girl who was wearing several beer cans