The Statue of Christ the Redeemer is located on top of Corcovado Mountain at a hight of 710 meters and it is the most visited touristic attraction in Rio de Janeiro , the Statue was built in 1931 and it is the image of the carioca faith
Isiorene and her Family enjoyed a lot our tour

Home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife, found only in the Atlantic Rainforest, this is Rio's urban forest replanted by man and spread by natural ecological development, which covers some 3,200 hectares. Its historical attractions and enchanting nooks are well worth a leisurely visit. Just a short drive from the financial center downtown, the North Zone and Rio's smart beach districts, its attractions include the Cascatinha Waterfallll, the Mayrink Veiga Chapel all favorite destinations for weekend family outings.The Tijuca Forest was reforested in the middle of the 19 Century after years of intense deforesting and planting (specially coffee plantations).The replanting was a pioneer initiative in all Latin America.

This is one of the fountain that you can find inside the park and can drink water of good quality that comes from the waterfalls

The Tijuca Forest it´s one of the largest Urban National Parks in the world with many species of plants and trees and wildlife

The charming litlle Mayrink Veiga Chapel is known by the brazilian´s Rio society for the sophisticated weddings and it is situated inside the Park

Á Mineira is one of the best Restaurants of all you eat that we have in Niterói , there you can find food from the South of Brazil and has all kinds of different foods for the most discerning palates and they loved to eat there

The Family in the Fort of Santa Cruz ( Niterói ) with a view of the Sugar Loaf  mountain

                                This  is me posing for a picture in front of the cannon  

                                            This Fort was built to protect the entrance of Guanabara Bay

This is what you see when you look from the top od the mountain on National City Park

                                        Me and the girls posing for a picture in the  sunset

   the girls were enjoying a lot  and our tour was almost finishing by the end of the day


Sugar Loaf and Pedra de Guaratiba

Tricia Dowhan and I at the Point of Grumari Restaurant after a full day tour

She ordered the Muqueca de Frutos do Mar ( a mix of fish with a touch of brazilian spicies) , a really typical brazilian food

the nature and the birds in a really paradise in Barra da Tijuca

we riding on the boat watching the beauty of the Island

The houses are built next to the water they have their own beauty and peculiarities

Laerte the boat driver knows every corner of this Island

This is a view of Guanabara bay and you can see the little boats on Botafogo beach

If you go to Sugar Loaf you will see the climbers with their classes trying to reach the mountain top on the back of the picture the Mountain of Sugar Loaf

Santa Tereza a tour with my sister and nieces

This is me on the left side of the picture , my sister Yara by myside , my niece Raisa and Rayanne

Writers and artists have always been attracted to Santa Teresa, seduced by its charm and its architectural and cultural riches, visible to the eyes and heart. The art displayed in many workshops that have taken over the neighborhood, finds its stronghold in Santa, how they prefer to call the passionate place. Everything that exists and knows about Santa Teresa is also a bit of history of Rio But for the visitor seems a place apart, with its own characteristics.

The flea market it is held every sunday of the month where artisans exhibit more varied hand made works

The narrow winding streets through which the old trams, the only ones that still circulate in Brazil, are more a peculiar attraction of the neighborhood. The charming vehicles began circulating in the last century, moved by animal traction and later by electricity. Remnants of a romantic era, were listed as historic and still walk trails perfectly preserved, leading the visitor to a rereading of the past. The tram leaves the city center, passes over the Arcos da Lapa and follows the route of the time in up-and-down from the hills of Santa Teresa. The starting point is the station on Largo da Carioca station gets good near the headquarters of Petrobras, Rua Lelio Gama. The place has a charming garden and reveals a little of what you'll find on this ride. With less than U.S. $ 1 to purchase a ticket to ride the famous tram yellowing. There are two lines that circulate in Santa Teresa, called Paula Matos and Two Brothers, with intervals of 30 minutes of departure.

The church and convent of Santa Teresa, responsible for the name of the neighborhood, belonging to the Order of Discalced Carmelites, religious houses who live alone and have little contact with the outside world. The order preaches simplicity, humility and discretion. Few residents said they had seen the nuns in the neighborhood.


Point do Grumari , Tour with tourists from Texas

Grumari beach
we stopped by Macumba beach , to take a picture this beach is another surfer mecca just South of Rio de Janeiro

It is a rustic place and an area of environmental preservation coast and sorrounded by hills with vegetation of restinga is great place for those seeking natural beauty and relaxation , there nature is exuberant .

There you can see the little monkies that are very curious about us , and the place is awsome , it is a great place to think about life and relax

Debbie was taking pictures of the monkeys while we were eating fish and drinking caipirinhas