Since 1950 with the World Cup The Maracana Football Stadium has been used for Club games with four major Clubs in Rio de Janeiro such as Flamengo , Botafogo , Fluminense and Vasco with football matches it has also many Concerts and sporting Events , In 1980 Pope John Paul II perfomed masses at the Stadium on more than one ocasion . Great Musical Productions have taken place there with celebrated International Idols such as Frank Sinatra, Paul MacCartney , Tina Turner , Rolling Stones ,Madonna , Prince , Gun´s and Roses , George Michael , INXS , A-HA , perfomed Shows there .

The tour includes Hall of Fame , side walk of Fame , Historical Photographs and Panoramic views, Pele was the best Brazilian player in all times with 1000th career goal The Maracana is a special place for all brazilians and special for me that adore to show you this marvellous Stadium Family and I in the middle of the lawn

The Maracana Sports Complex can hold up to 114.145 spectators and occupies a total area of 304.284m2 that includes Maracanazinho ( a small maracana in size ) where you can see games and competitions , now Brazil is applying for the 2012 Olyimpic Summer Games where plans are made to use the Maracana as grounds for football , voleyball an waterpolo.


An Spetacular view of Rio de Janeiro from City Park , a Municipal biology and Forest Preservation located at Viração Hill with 270 meters hight , it occupies a 149.390 m2 area
has been inaugurated on 21st , 1976 and it has a belvedere where we can see panoramic views of Piratininga , Itaipu Lagoons , Camboinhas Beach , this is a view from Guanabara Bay and Rio de Janeiro , there are two ramps propitious for the practice of the hangliding and parapente

This is the best Restaurant that I´ve ever been in my life , it´s a all you can eat , with differents kinds of food for all tastes , and of course we stopped by to have a great lunch between our tour .

Guanabara bay is the second largest bay in area in Brazil , at 159 sq mi ( 412 square kilometres ) with a perimeter of 143 kilometres (89) mi , the name Guanabara comes from the Tupi - Guarani language it´s translated as the `Bosom of the Sea ´ the Bay is 31 kilometres long ( 19mi ) and 28 kilometres wide ( 17mi ) and it is crossed by the Rio-Niteroi bridge with 13.29 kilometres long and there is a heavy boat and ship traffic including reguar ferryboats lines .

The fort Santa Cruz ( 1565 ) is inside a Military area it guards the narrowest part of Guanabara Bay , it is the main defensive installation of Rio de Janeiro in the Colonial Period it is now occupied by an air defense unit , some parts of the structure are the Chapel , the Prison and the Cova das Onças ( torture chambre ) dated from the 17th century , and has a stunning view of Sugar Loaf and the Bay .

At the Restaurant Zéfiro inside the Fort the main food is grilled fish they have Lobsters , Shrimp , Crabs and Contemporanian Food , it´s delicious !

That´s me wondering how it was in 1565 when the invaders tried to enter the sea in our city of Rio de Janeiro

Hernan was impressed with the beauty of the place and how the Fort is well preserved

If you want to know more just contact Diana . cel :005521 - 92184610



A well known beach in Rio de Janeiro is Pepino Beach ( in São Conrado ) near the Intercontinental Hotel , it´s the most beautiful place for take-off for hangliding and paragliding this beach it´s the best spot for extreme sports in Rio de Janeiro

Gigóia Island it´s accesible only by boat but right in the heart of the beautiful Rio !! has approximately 2000 residents
In Gigóia ( a very special Island ) there are many houses some of them big and small ones

Caiman are everywhere on the Island

Marcos loved to see all the nature and it was a memorable day

we could see many different species of birds

The boat driver has the ability to go in hiden places to show we all

Marcos and Tafell loved the tour in the Island