If you want adventure you are in the right place , this is the city that you can have so much fun !

the girls decided they wanted to have this experience once in their life , so they took pre-arranged lesson on how to fly

Jackie waiting for the flight
me and Jackie at the ramp

Located within the largest Urban Forest in the world , inside the Tijuca National Park , the free flight launch ramp on Pedra Bonita rock reaches out over the Forest at an altitude of 1600 feets

The mountain is 820 meters high , dipping into the Atlantic Ocean it is the highest coastal Mountain in the world voted by the Lonely Planet guide as one the five obligatory activities in Rio de Janeiro hang gliding is also one of the 1000 that we should achieve in our lifetime

The sensation of hang gliding can be compared to a type of dinamic meditation, and in an arc of 360 degrees , you can see the Corcovado , Sugar Loaf the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon , the multi-colored Forest , the Rocinha Favela and on the other side the Barra da Tijuca Beach and Gavea Rock , their flight was very safe and the landing was awsome .

The plans for our day with Diana were to go to the Statue of Christ Redeemer and also go to hike in Tijuca Forest Park .However we ended up doing so much more ! she was so enthousiastic and encouraged us to take every oportunity .It was the most amazing experience and we would have never been able to do it If she had not been so encouraging Jackie and Janelle

While we were going back to the Hotel in Copacabana we saw the Pilots hang gliding so we decided to stop at São Conrado to have a look at the guys and to take some pictures here you can see the Pepino beach and the landing area



Tijuca forest in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro it is one of the biggest Urban Forest in the world covering 3.200 hectare it harbored a large indigenous population untill the 16th century the original florest was destroyed to make way for coffee farmers on the second half of the 19th century later on it was replanted to protect the Rio water supply because in the middle of the rivers of the city or Rio were drying up

The guard at the entrance gave us many rules about the Park and how to behave with the little animals and how to do the track up to Pico da Tijuca

Eduardo it´s experienced in Mountains so he went to the Pico da Tijuca ,with the girls it´s about 1 hour walk till the top you need to have lots of water , a backpaker on your shoulders , sunscreen , sunblock and a repelent then you are ready to go

The monkey is watching Jackie from the top of the pole and she was looking at the other ones around

When the girls contact me for some adventure they never imagine how fun it was going to be !!!!!!!!!! we saw on our way up some species of Nail Monkey ( Macaco Prego )

Many species of little animals like the ` Guati ´ are seen at the Forest crossing our way

                            It´s amazing how they are so sweet with us and very curious



Downtown Rio de Janeiro has many churches , some of those churches took almost over a 100 years to be built , there are convents and monasteries and brazilian barroque , rococo, neoclassic and ecletic masterpiece are all everywhere you look it is a travel through the time , it doens´t matter what belief you may have you will be impressed by the skill of the constrution , criativity and devotion of those temples named São Bento Monastery , Metropolitan Cathedral , Candelária Church to name a few
This famous church is a good example  for the opulent , Neo Barroque Archiqueture




The Sugar Loaf is a place that you will enjoy a lot , there is a cable car that takes you up to the Mountain from there you can see all Rio de Janeiro and sorrounding areas , when I went there the weather was nice , we could take good photos and get the best of it

In this  view  we can see Copacabana beach   on all of its extension with the Mountains

The cable car goes from one Mountain to the other every twenty minutes , it´s very safe to go there

Maracana the worlds greatest playground for the famous soccer star Pele
who became the world´s greatest football players in the world and was discovered at the age of 11 moved he to Santos and then became a soccer legend ,also with Ronaldo , Romario and Kaka the lists go on.................
the Stadium was built in 1950 for the fourth world cup , it has this name from the small river that flows by the facility and was also the name of a bird , Maracana .was the name given by the local people ( cariocas )
Today we are applying for the 2016 Olimpic Summer Games were plans are made to use the Stadium as ground for football, voleyball and waterpolo . and the girls from Argentina were there to check how beautiful is the Stadium



Búzios it´s a charming city located two hours from Rio de Janeiro , the beaches are nice , you see tourists from all countries , and it has an exelent International cuisine , If you want to go there by car I can take you just contact on dianatoursinrio@yahoo.com
here you can see how the city has it charm , the hide to Búzios from the Airport I charge U$250 dollars each way .
Rio de Janeiro it´s a privilage state in many aspects it has a paradise city along the seashore  .This is a luxury fisherman  village , a very charming city with little boats
                                            The Statue of Brigitte Bardot  



That´s me with my car at the Fort Santa Cruz in Niterói

I have a very confortable car an Ecosport Freestyle, air conditioner , space for 4 passanger , the car it´s black , big and very powerful specially when I go up of those high mountains .