What projects will remain as a leSpirit, sport and a powerful legacy

We will unite Rio's unique spirit with the power of sport to stage an exceptional event, full of Brazilian passion. Rio 2016 will provide memories of a lifetime for every athlete and all other members of the Games Family. And the Games will leave a powerful legacy by meeting the long-term needs of the city and its residents. Every aspect of the Rio Games concept has been designed to align with the strategy for the future of the city and country.gacy for Rio de Janeiro, irrespective of the bid result?

A good example of a legacy not just for Rio, but also for Brazil and Latin American, is the construction of the Olympic Training Center (COT in Portuguese), a key project that will mark a new era of training, preparation and development of our athletes and will also offer qualification programs to coaches and other sport professionals. The Center will make available top competition venues, a full training, service and support infrastructure that will increase our international competitiveness. The periods of stay will vary according to the sport discipline and targeted objectives. On average, about 1,000 athletes will benefit every day from the high performance training programs.

The following sports will be covered initially: aquatic sports (diving, swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo), archery, athletics (indoor and outdoor), badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling (track), fencing, gymnastics (rhythmic, artistic and trampoline), handball, futsal, judo, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, weightlifting and wrestling. Sport medicine and sport science resources will be made available to athletes concomitantly to their training with the purpose of helping them to find out more about their physical aptitudes and improve performance based on analyses and researches, whose results will directly enhance their performance. Targeting an integral training, the Center will also set up an Educational Unit offering several programs that will enable athletes to develop other skills.

Two venues built especially for the Pan American Games 2007 – Maria Lenk Aquatic Park and the Velodrome – will become part of the Olympic Training Center to be built over a 90-hectare area.

                                                                   RIO OLYMPIC PARK

                                                             SPONSOR VILLAGE



                                            OLYMPIC HOCKEY  CENTER



                                                           OLYMPIC AQUATICS STADIUM


 OCT - HALL  2


Taking sport to new audiences

Rio will provide an amazing stage for the athletes, stunning locations for sport and a breathtaking spectacle for Games visitors and broadcasters, who - thanks to Rio's favorable time zone - will be able to offer live coverage in peak times worldwide. Rio 2016 will also work with every sport to develop high impact entertainment concepts that harness the incredible energy of Brazilian spectators, whilst preserving the tradition of each sport. We have budgeted to develop creative concepts and innovative technologies with each sport - to connect spectators to the athletes and enhance the Games experience for both. We will also ensure that as many people as possible see the action. Part of our fully funded, pioneering Full Stadia Program will bring young, passionate Brazilian sports fans to the Games via text message.

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