on on when my guests  visit Christ the Redeemer for the first time they have a unique experience when they see the statue of  Jesus Christ the statue is the image of the carioca people faith and sympathy it  celebrates in 2007 , 76 years of existence people come to Rio to  enjoy the grandeur of this  statue that measures 38 meters  and it has 710 meters above the sea level on the Corcovado hill  it´s consider   one of the Seven New Wonders of the modern world and it  was inaugurated on October 12th , 1931

My guests that became friends  had the opportunity to be blessed by a priest who was celebrating a mass on a small chapel that exists inside  christ´s body , what experience they had !

we also visited the Candelária church  an important historical church in the city of Rio it´s  located in the heart of  the financial center built from 1609 to  the end of the  XVIII century it combines a barroque façade with a neoclassical and neoRenaissance inner decoration

The Arco dos Teles it´s a place not to be missed located in the center of Rio built in 1975 is a link between Travessa do comercio  with Rua do Ouvidor along with the arch that remains with an exquisite arcade of Portuguese style ¨sobrados ¨or two store buildings  , we walk along narrow streets where you see old buildings from the 19th century with high rise  colonial houses and  their tick walls now house several restaurants and bars  

Rio Scenarium  - A Club , Restaurant ,  Bar and Museum


The Club is in Lapa  district of Rio in an antique street of  old residencial area you can see from the corner it´s a  three storey restaurant /club and bar cool place  a  mix of Museum and Antique Art with a great samba live band  it´s considered the 8th best club in the world 
                               This is me with my group

when you´re inside the Club no matter where you are you can see people dancing on everyfloor and you see this amazing wall with differents old clocks

Charles wrote nice words to me :
 After a month vacation in South America ,  thanks for the great time in Rio and for all of your assistance  , thank you very much for your time and patience during our stay in your beautiful country. Hope all is well.

Charles , David and Jennifer

Thank you all !

it was so nice to be with you showing my city !

Diana Persi

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