The Statue of Christ the Redeemer is located on top of Corcovado Mountain at a hight of 710 meters and it is the most visited touristic attraction in Rio de Janeiro , the Statue was built in 1931 and it is the image of the carioca faith
Isiorene and her Family enjoyed a lot our tour

Home to hundreds of species of plants and wildlife, found only in the Atlantic Rainforest, this is Rio's urban forest replanted by man and spread by natural ecological development, which covers some 3,200 hectares. Its historical attractions and enchanting nooks are well worth a leisurely visit. Just a short drive from the financial center downtown, the North Zone and Rio's smart beach districts, its attractions include the Cascatinha Waterfallll, the Mayrink Veiga Chapel all favorite destinations for weekend family outings.The Tijuca Forest was reforested in the middle of the 19 Century after years of intense deforesting and planting (specially coffee plantations).The replanting was a pioneer initiative in all Latin America.

This is one of the fountain that you can find inside the park and can drink water of good quality that comes from the waterfalls

The Tijuca Forest it´s one of the largest Urban National Parks in the world with many species of plants and trees and wildlife

The charming litlle Mayrink Veiga Chapel is known by the brazilian´s Rio society for the sophisticated weddings and it is situated inside the Park

Á Mineira is one of the best Restaurants of all you eat that we have in Niterói , there you can find food from the South of Brazil and has all kinds of different foods for the most discerning palates and they loved to eat there

The Family in the Fort of Santa Cruz ( Niterói ) with a view of the Sugar Loaf  mountain

                                This  is me posing for a picture in front of the cannon  

                                            This Fort was built to protect the entrance of Guanabara Bay

This is what you see when you look from the top od the mountain on National City Park

                                        Me and the girls posing for a picture in the  sunset

   the girls were enjoying a lot  and our tour was almost finishing by the end of the day

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