Tijuca forest in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro it is one of the biggest Urban Forest in the world covering 3.200 hectare it harbored a large indigenous population untill the 16th century the original florest was destroyed to make way for coffee farmers on the second half of the 19th century later on it was replanted to protect the Rio water supply because in the middle of the rivers of the city or Rio were drying up

The guard at the entrance gave us many rules about the Park and how to behave with the little animals and how to do the track up to Pico da Tijuca

Eduardo it´s experienced in Mountains so he went to the Pico da Tijuca ,with the girls it´s about 1 hour walk till the top you need to have lots of water , a backpaker on your shoulders , sunscreen , sunblock and a repelent then you are ready to go

The monkey is watching Jackie from the top of the pole and she was looking at the other ones around

When the girls contact me for some adventure they never imagine how fun it was going to be !!!!!!!!!! we saw on our way up some species of Nail Monkey ( Macaco Prego )

Many species of little animals like the ` Guati ´ are seen at the Forest crossing our way

                            It´s amazing how they are so sweet with us and very curious

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