located in the southern zone of Rio the Copacabana beach it's one of the most popular beaches in the world has 4 kms of extension and have  it's anniversary of 120 years ,  most of my guests that visit Rio stay in this neighborhood , the beach is nice , there are lots of kiosks along the way , the beach is very crowded and with some benefits for example  if you order a coconut water or caipirinha ( made with cachaça , sugar and lemon ) and  a fried fish you will have a waiter bringing it to you , in the beaches of Rio  you don´t need to pay to use it  the beaches are free and you can drink no problem , here we have some young man making sculputures with the sand they build nice girls with bikini or  the statue of Christ sometimes  mountains ,  you can pose in  front of these sculptures leaving a few coins to  them .

when you visit Rio I´ll take you to drink a coconut water in copacabana beach or anyother beaches here you can choose where also you will  find many restaurants some of them very good with the specialty in seafood or meat , the best hotels are located in front of the beach we have 5 stars hotels and a  few blocks down the street we have the smaller hotels with 3 or 4 stars ,  here you can find anything you need during your stay  as pharmacies, supermarkets , bakeries , grocery stores , shops , exchange bureaux  you name it .

if you arrive early at the beach  you can see people jogging , mothers with the babies , people walking  , cycling , some of the people just want  to relax sitting on a chair in front of the beach and others just want  to get a suntan , it´s a good place to relax and read a good book .

if you decide to stay in Ipanema , Santa Teresa , Leblon , Barra da Tijuca or any other area  of Rio you can always visit copacabana beach , Ipanema is just 20 minute walking and leblon it´s a little bit further but you can easily arrive there .


the fort of copacabana it´s located are the very beggining of copacabana beach so if you are there you can always visit the fort it´s interesting it was built in the 1914´s to defend our city and in  the fort you can have a colonial breakfast at Confeitaria ( bakery ) Colombo you will drink a nice coffee with cookies  with a nice view of the  beach also you can see the Sugar Loaf mountain and all the extension of the beach or simply the sunset from the fort .

near the fort you will see the fisherman and their boats they leave early in the morning to the open sea to grab some fish and they sell the fish on a fishmarket just down the corner but arrive early to buy the fish .

every day in the  morning the fisherman sew  their nets that are cut  when they pull to see if  they got some fish on that day .

across the copacabana beach in the very end there is a small beach called Leme beach this neighborhood is very small but nice ,  if you go there you can see the fisherman near the rock fishing on a lazy day also there are few kiosks there to sit and relax .  

when I´m on a tour or during the week I take few hours just to walk there to see this  beauty .

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