When you visit Rio you will taste  all kinds of tropical  fruits we have the most delicious fruits on this universe an when I receive my guests  they always want to try the our coconut water  we drink the  coconut water everywhere in Rio specialy in front of the beaches , in downtown , at the Parks you name it !

When I go to Christ the Redeemer with my guests we always drink a nice mango juice very sweet we don´t need to add water or sugar on it and my guests just love to taste all kinds of different juice fruit that we have in Brazil .

yes believe me the watermelon we have almost all year round  and it´s absolutely delicious !

Brazil for its climate, hydrographic conditions and privileged ground ít´s  one that produces oranges also exporting  orange juices having as white market U.S.A and Europe, but in ground brazilian we ourselves we only consume only 2% of our proper product we can find oranges anywhwhere in Rio and all over Brazil .

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