Cruise ships dock across the Pier Mauá in Rio  just few blocks from  downtown the bussiness district area of the city  and  changes will also be made at the Port, whose area will be completely refurbished and re-urbanized preparing for the Olymnpic games in 2016 and I´ll be always waiting for you with open arm to show  my beautiful city with its charm and picturesque places with an enviable culinary we will go to the main touristic  attractions  also  away from the city to see nature , waterfalls , islands and beautiful mountains .


but in high season I always get several customers that arrive by airplane or by ship in our city wanting to know more about our culture and always eager for new discoveries and this is the main reason we like to travel ins´t it ? we always want to have a better knowledge of the place where we are visiting and about the local people living there so for this reason that I am here to show you all that

when you are navegating in the brazilian waters you will see a sunset like this the picture was taken the other day on Ipanema beach at 7pm I think when you´re at the ship you´ll be closer to this beautiful sunset


one of the couples   who arrived in Rio were  Bron & Christy also Mark & Susan Morrow we had such a great time during our tour in Rio we went to Christ the Redeemer where we took this picture in front of the statue of Christ

we also went to the Tijuca forest park to see the beautiful nature and a  nice waterfall in the of  the   t bush  and   sometimes we see guatis hidding in the woods

the Restaurant chosen was the  one  specialized in Brazilian food where we find the most typical  dishes of various states of Brazil it   was a  memorable day

testimony ;

As february  approaches, Bron and I remember last years trip. You were such a huge part of our time in Brazil being the most memorable and fun times in your beautiful country~Thank you forever!!! I

Blessings and Happy 2012!

Christy and Bron Cummins


Christy you all were  adorable  thanks so much  for that day !   I also had a great time  this day will stay in my memory for ever ,

regards ,

Diana Persi


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I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday!!

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