yes , we do have nice sunsets in Rio no doubt , all the pictures shown on this blog are taken by me I just  love to take pictures and sometimes I capture nice ones , this photo was taken in Ipanema beach when I was leaving the beach to go back home on a nice sunny day .

the same beach Ipanema

This picture was taken in Praia da Reserva , it´s a paradise a wetland lagoon  where we  take the chalana ( a flat boat ) to go to the beach seems that this picture was painted  by hand

This is in Barra da Tijuca beach  

City Park in Niterói you can see the ramp where the pilots hangliding


Sunset in the Christ the Redeemer in Rio´s most visited attraction 


Barra da Tijuca west of the city

Niterói again picture taken from São Francisco beach

the sunset from the Arpoador Rocks in Ipanema 

Pedra de Guaratiba west of the city

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