The Carnival season has begun in Rio de Janeiro ! 

the city mayor handed the key to King Momo the ceremony marked the beginning of the celebrations of tourists from all over Brazil and the world to listen to Brazilian music from samba originated from  african-Brazilians slaves    and see the beautiful mulata  girls dancing in the middle of the Avenue of the Sambadrome.

But Carnival is not just for Avenue there is also a street carnival that brings together millions of revelers who dance following the bands, revelers have fun wearing varied  costumes  these groups are entire families, young guys and girls , old, friends, everybody joined in 4 days of celebration

me and my friends have already entered the Carnival revelry yes because this not only  the best time for a tour guide to work as well as to enjoy the carnival with my  friends


the party starts even before the official date where we already have several weeks prior the whole city blocks in the Rio

I was in Santa Teresa with my friends last Saturday and we enjoyed a lot to see everybody dresses in funny clothes

                         I was in the middle of the crowdy with a Hawaiian fantasy

at the streets of Santa Teresa we  saw  many funny costumes like this boy dressed like a sunflower

          the funniest guy  was this one  taking a shower in the middle of the street

                                      and also had this girl who was wearing several beer cans

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