This was an annual  meeting that took place in the  month of March in a large space in Sao Paulo where several travel agencies met to promote the natural attractions and places of tourist interest in their states and several states have participated in São Paulo

I was there visitng the booth of Bahia  where Brazil began. It was here that Portuguese explorers in 1549 founded a settlement on the peninsula in Todos os Santos Bay, discovered by Amerigo Vespucci in 1501. It was there  that slaves from Africa disembarked and brought their culture to the new world. It was there where  the Portuguese, African and indigenous cultures met, melded and produced the vibrant music, food, customs and religion typical of Bahia.

I was there visiting the indigenous tribe of Porto Seguro in Bahia  the Natural  Reserve in  Jaqueira is  the most interesting region, the symbiosis between culture and nature , the region  maintained and preserved by the Indians of the tribe Pataxó, keeps intact the richness of the Atlantic and remains today under several Indigenas , that there have their small thatched houses and adobe.

The tribe Pataxó is one of the most important colonies of Indians of Brazil, having maintained its purity and tradition until the present day. The reserve is now a form of subsistence and dissemination of culture Pataxó.

part of the ethnic Indians in the village are Pataxo Indigenous Land of Red Crown, Cabrália Santa Cruz, Bahia located  in  Northeast of  Brazil these indigenous  Pataxó in Jaqueira which lies on the border of the municipalities of Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália. They work with  craft, the bow, arrow, customs, traditions, dances, indigenous paintings, indigenous games.

I feel honored to live in a country that has its origins in history in  the year of 1500 where everything started  in the state of Bahia that has  its culture and welcome the first people to inhabit our great country !


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